1.5" Earthly Charm Pin


Earthly Charm - Red Panda Enamel Pin

*Dimensions 1.5" H

*Hard Enamel

*Black Nickel Plating

*Earth Elemental Back Card

*(2) Back Posts with Green Rubber Clutches

A playful red panda lived in a lush forest and loved the earth. She discovered a patch of glowing green leaves with healing powers, which she carried on her back to spread their magic. As she journeyed through the woods, the leaves fell from her fur and created new life.

This pin captures the red panda's love for the earth and her role as a caretaker of nature. The vibrant green leaves surrounding her symbolize growth and renewal, while the red panda's playful expression exudes joy and wonder. Wear this pin as a reminder to take care of the earth and find joy in its beauty.

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