2" The Serene Tide Pin

$12.49 - $14.95

Marina - the Serene Tide Pin

*Dimensions 2" H

*Hard Enamel

*Black Nickel Plating

*Pearl Glitter and Translucent Enamel Elements.

*Water Elemental Back Card

*(2) Back Posts with Blue Rubber Clutches

Meet Marina, the Serene Tide. With her enchanting, multi-colored blue hair flowing like waves, Marina captivates all who behold her. Her arms effortlessly transform into fluid streams of water, shimmering with the hues of the ocean. Adorned in droplets of glistening water, she embodies the tranquility and fluidity of the vast seas.

Marina represents the harmony and grace of the water element. Like a serene tide, she embraces the ebb and flow of life, adapting and overcoming obstacles with ease. Her connection to water allows her to channel its power, summoning cascading waves and soothing currents to heal and protect.

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