1.25" Elemental Harmony 2 Pin Set


Elemental Harmony - Dual Element Pin Set

*Dimensions 1.25" H

*Hard Enamel

*Gold and Rose Gold Plated

*Glow in the Dark and Glitter

*Dual Element Back Card

*(2) Back Posts with Red and Blue Clutches

Where opposites find balance and beauty in unity. Presenting our latest two-pin set featuring Ember , the Fiery Sprite and Misty, the Watery Whisk symbolizing the eternal dance of elemental forces.

The Fire Sprite showcases a mesmerizing contrast of white body and piercing red eyes. Vibrant flames in shades of orange and yellow emanate from its form, symbolizing its fierce and passionate nature. This pin represents the untamed power and intensity of fire, a force that consumes and transforms, fueling both destruction and creation.

On the other side of the spectrum, The Watery Whisk exudes a serene aura, wearing a delicate scarf of flowing water. Its tranquil blue hues embody the calmness and adaptability of water, reflecting its ability to shape and nurture life. This pin represents the fluidity and purity of water, a vital force that brings balance and renewal to the world.

Capture the essence of elemental harmony with this stunning two-pin set. Wear them together to celebrate the balance of contrasting forces or showcase them individually to showcase your affinity for fire or water. Explore the beauty and power of Elemental Harmony and embrace the duality that exists within us all.

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