2" Flame Warrior Pin


Flame Warrior - Fire Element Enamel Pin

*Dimensions 2" H

*Hard Enamel

*Black Nickel Plating

*Fire Elemental Back Card

*(2) Back Posts with Red Rubber Clutches

In a world where fire is both feared and revered, a young woman discovered that she possessed the power of flames. Her jacket and hair blazed with the intensity of her fire, and she learned to channel this energy to become a fierce warrior.

With every flicker of her flames, she felt a connection to the powerful element of fire. It gave her strength and courage in times of danger, and she used her abilities to protect those in need.

This pin captures the strength and power of the fire element through the depiction of a warrior with flames blazing all around her. Her fierce expression shows her determination and courage.

Wear this "Flame Warrior - Fire Element Enamel Pin" as a symbol of strength and power, and a reminder to harness your own inner fire to overcome any challenge.

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